If you’re looking for properties for rent in Flamstead, Studham, Whipsnade, Kensworth, Aley Green, Woodside, Slip End, Markyate or Caddington then look no further than Town & Country Estate Agents.

As a member of NALS and The Property Ombudsman we will provide the following safeguards for your tenancy:

The property will have undergone all required safety checks on furnishings, gas and electrical services. Your rights and responsibilities will be clearly explained and you will have an informed and professional response to any queries you may have before or during your tenancy.

Tenants Reference / Administration Fees:

  • Single Occupant:                           £250 inc VAT
  • Dual Occupancy:                           £400 inc VAT
  • Additional Person/Guarantor :       £150 inc VAT
  • Holding Fee:                                  £250 inc VAT

The fees are payable once your offer has been accepted. Once the fee has been paid, it is Non-Refundable and will ensure that the property is withdrawn from the open market. Please supply us with your Passport immediately as we will need to retain copies on file. (If you don’t have a passport please speak to us about other acceptable ID).

Referencing and Credit Checks :

We outsource this process to a third party: Rent4Sure and the Company will need to confirm the following information: Earnings / Financial Status / Identity / Address’s / Bank Details / Landlords Reference etc. We expect all prospective Tenants to complete the on-line application within 48hrs of paying the above fees (unless specified otherwise).

  • Every person 18 or over residing at the property will have to be credit checked and named on the tenancy.

  • Guarantors will need to be credit checked and sign a Deed of Guarantee at least 7 days prior to the start of the tenancy.

  • Do you have adverse credit? If you have CCJ’s / Bankruptcy / IVA’s etc against your name then you may NOT pass our reference checks. Therefore, please discuss your individual circumstances with a member of staff if you have any concerns over your credit history and we will help advise you on what to do.

Holding Fee: 

We may ask that a prospective tenant pay a holding fee to reserve a property. If you enter into the Tenancy then this amount would then be used against your first month’s rent. If you decide that you no longer wish you to proceed with the property or you fail to supply the information required then you may lose part or all of the holding fee you have paid.


Assuming that your application has been successful, a security deposit equivalent to one and a half months rent will be payable once references have been passed and prior to the start of the Tenancy. You may be asked to pay a larger deposit if the property is furnished, if you have pets, or if there has been a problem in passing the standard references. This would normally be equivalent to 8 weeks.

Before you rent the property, we will:

  • Go with you to view unoccupied properties, if you subsequently offer on a property you will have to go through referencing checks (you can find further details regarding referencing above).

  • Have provided advice to the landlord concerning any repairs or refurbishments, which are necessary to put the property into a fit state for letting.

  • Ensure that you are provided with copies of safety certificates on gas and electrical appliances before you become committed to the tenancy.

  • Have advised the landlord of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

  • Advise you on the necessity of ensuring that you have insurance cover for your personal possessions. You may well also be advised to have in place accidental damage cover for any of the landlord’s property.

  • Provide an Inventory (“a schedule” of the condition of the property plus a list of its contents) and agree it with you.

  • Require a deposit from you. We will explain the basis on which it is being held and the purpose for which it is required. Your deposit will be held with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS), or it will be registered with My Deposits.

  • Provide you with details of utility providers and the Local Authority in the area in order that you can arrange for accounts to be set up in your name.

During the tenancy, we will:

  • Arrange with you in advance a time for access to the property in order to inspect the condition of the property in accordance with the tenancy agreement (usually quarterly).

  • Respond to your requests for maintenance or repairs, which might in some cases have to be referred to the landlord for approval.

  • Respond promptly to your queries.
  • Note: If we are not employed to manage the property you will be provided with contact details of the landlord.

Before the tenancy ends, we will:

  • Serve you with the correct period of notice as set out in the tenancy agreement.
  • Arrange to check the condition of the property and draw up a schedule to part of any deductions to be made from your initial deposit. Return your deposit to you as soon as possible, less any appropriate deductions.

  • Note: If we are not employed to manage the property you will be provided with contact details of the landlord.