Attracting buyers to your home

First Impressions count

Once you have decided to sell, think about what furnishings you want to take with you, which items are to be included in the sale and what items can be disposed of. The less clutter you have the faster your house will usually sell.

Here are some ‘hints and tips’ for selling your home:

  • Ensure that the outside of your property looks its best – this is the first thing that a buyer will see.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms sell properties more than any other rooms – ensure that they are clean and tidy.
  • Keep pets away from potential buyers, whilst some people love cats and dogs, others will be put off by them.
  • Ambience – Light and airy rooms appear larger. Open curtains and raise blinds to allow in as much natural light as possible. Open windows in summer and put lights on in winter.
  • Warm your home in Autumn and Winter – this will create a homely feeling for buyers.
  • Finish the small jobs or repairs that need doing, remember first impressions count.
  • Re-decoration. If you are planning on ‘sprucing’ up the property then use neutral colours.
  • Create pleasant odours; the classic trick of ‘fresh flowers’ or ‘brewing fresh coffee’ will help buyers feel at home.