Flamstead Scarecrow Festival

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The Flamstead Scarecrow Festival has been running in the village of Flamstead since 2002. Originally the Flamstead Scarecrow Festival’s founder Peter Milson, from Lincolnshire, introduced the idea to the village in 2002 as a fundraiser for two charities. It has had the backing of the village and its residents ever since, with amazing Scarecrows being created each year for the public to view.

Each year, residents from the village of Flamstead create fabulous scarecrows and display them in their front gardens or around the village. There is a competition to see who can make the best scarecrow. Those attending the festival purchase voting forms and vote for their favourite scarecrows. The festival is run for Charity, as a fundraiser by volunteers and relies on the goodwill of those attending to help make the festival a success.

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