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By: The Local
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At the end of March we became one year old at The Local and as always, we like to please our lovely customers and friends by listening to what they have to say and responding accordingly.

So to help us celebrate from this Saturday, and on Saturday nights in the future, we will be adding AT LEAST 5 superb premium Gins (and Fever Tree tonic) to our repertoire of great local beers.

We will be serving premium, not standard gins (why should we, we don’t sell standard beers?!). Premium gins incorporate between 7-10 botanicals into their distillation (rather than 3).

To start the ball rolling we will be serving the following Maginficent Seven:

1) Campfire: a very small batch local gin from Puddingstone Distillery in Marsworth made with a combination of 9 botanicals. In our experience, a winner whichever tonic you choose!

2) Caorunn: a small batch Scottish Gin made by combining 11 traditional and wild-foraged Scottish botanicals. This can taste either dry, sweet or herby depending on which Fever Tree tonic you choose to add – we love the Aromatic.

3) Hendrick’s: 11 botanicals, infused with Rose Petal and Cucumber, creating its unique flavour. In our experience the Mediterranean Tonic creates a much smoother experience than adding the Light Tonic, but the Aromatic Tonic made it smooth and enhanced the gin kick.

4) London #1 (the original Blue Gin): 12 botanicals and a quality base spirit made with grains sourced from Suffolk and Norfolk. Complex, we found the taste very traditional with the Light Tonic, Sweet with the Mediterranean, and almost like a Martini with the Aromatic Tonic – but then, what do WE know!

5) Plymouth Gin: 7 botanicals and soft Dartmoor water. Slight earthy, distinct and less crisp than the London Dry Gins that tend to proliferate the market, and worth trying for this reason – you may get to enjoy it more!

6) Silent Pool: combining 24 botanicals with natural spring water from ‘the silent pool’ in the Surrey Hills, and subtle sweetness created by adding local honey.

7): Tanqueray #10: combining 8 botanicals, this is the only gin made using fresh whole citus fruit (not just dried peel), including grapefruit, lime and orange, which give it its unique citrus feel.

We hope you enjoy them, and find the right gin (and tonic) to delight your palate!

If Gin is ‘it’ for you, and you’re in the locality, we’ll be ready and waiting.


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